Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tucson Treasure Map~ Choose Your Own Ending!

Display of Tucson, AZ treasure map

Unfinished map waiting for you to choose your own ending! More graphics and clues are drawn in then the map gets burned to aged perfection!

Close up example of clues added to the map. The main riddle is in the bottom right corner of this map. There is also a street number on an old west sign post plus a clue to unscramble telling the treasure hunter more details where to go.

Picture of Agua Caliente Park from the Northeast side of Tucson. This park is a natural desert oasis and a great suggestion for your treasure map. I lived on the east side of Tucson for 5 years before going out and discovering this beautiful park. If you live in Tucson and haven't been here yet, go check it out!

Trail Dust Town is also on the east side of Tucson. Great replica with old west vibe. There are a couple restaraunts to choose from, shopping, re-enactment show, train ride, and a bunch of locations to hide your treasure!

You can also choose a restaraunt as your ending or addition to your map. This picture is of Ric's Cafe on River Road. I have often arranged for a waitor or waitress to hand off clues or deliver special items applicable to my date. So many restaurants offer atmosphere that add to a memorable occasion.

Finished map I made for my parents 50th Anniversary. They had to solve the riddles on the map to find their treasure. When they got to their destination my sister, neice and son, and myself were the surprise treasure! We live in Utah now and made a surprise trip down for their anniversary. It was an excellent surprise and great success! Plus they have the map as a keepsake of the special day.
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