Monday, August 20, 2012

Hottest Locker on the Block

"Help your teen decorate their locker to have the hottest locker! Great way to personalize their space at school with their own treasures. Items chosen here have a bit of an "old school" theme with some vintage themed items. Use vinyl decals, magnets, decorative cork boards, book and ipod covers! There are even chalkboard wall decals! Decorate with feathers, mirrors, and inexpensive jewelry too. I have feathers you decorate with including strung feathers to make you own crafty ideas. A great idea is to add feathers and trim around the frame of a mirror. Hot glue some ribbon on the back and hang in your locker with one of those "stick-on" hooks. Another great decorating tool for lockers is poster puddy. I have used poster puddy to hang my feather hair clips on the wall as decoration when I am not wearing them. Great decorative idea for lockers, too! Have fun!"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Provo Treasure Map

Last week I finally finished revising my Provo treasure map. Today it's posted for sale! Yeah! It's so much fun planning and hiding clues. Yet, a lot trickier to do in the city! I don't think I was noticed. When I was doing the first draft of this treasure hunt a few weeks ago, I thought it would be best to hide a couple of the clues at 4 in the morning so as not to get "caught". Turns out I had to wait over half an hour for a police man to finish giving someone a ticket right where I needed to hid a clue! Buy this treasure map for a fun, creative date! It's all about the "hunt". There isn't an actual treasure at the end, unless you decide to hide one for your date, family, or friend. Most of my treasure hunts have a little back story that I write to go along with the map. This provo treasure map is titled "The Thai Tiara". Solving the riddle of the map will solve the crime of where the Thai Tiara was hidden after being stolen. The story and instructions come with the map. Check it out and spread the word! The map is hand dyed, dried and burned. It makes a great decorative keepsake. Especially when attached to a memorable date. Add a little adventure to your life! Happy hunting!