Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nice Booty!

Hope you scored a lot nice goodies!
Happy Halloween!
Hope your Halloween
was Spooktacular!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Romantic Garden Arbor Bedroom

 Would you love to have the beauty of a garden in your bedroom all year long?  One of the most unique ways of adding a romantic garden feeling to a bedroom is with an arbor.  What could be more romantic than having your bed nestled up under a beautiful garden arbor.  Especially one that is draped in vines of your favorite flowers or greenery.  Then dangle a few candle lanterns overhead.  I get so excited just thinking about it!  What a dramatic and romantic statement.

Here are several examples of candle lantern that I have available on my website.  You can mix and match, or get three of the same style and hang them at various levels.  The multi-faceted Moroccan star up above is larger and would make a dramatic statement by itself.
Silk vines would be the easiest way to dress up your arbor.  They come with so many various flowers like roses, clematis, daisies, and my favorite hydrangeas.  Plus many others.  If you are more into greenery, there are quite a few options there as well.  You can always add splashes of flowers wherever you choose, too.  For a more foresty vibe I would buy the wood tone arbor and use mostly greenery.  Maybe even add some mossy accents throughout. 

What about other bedside accessories you might ask?  Well, first off, is the nightstand idea.  Many of these arbors have plenty of openings to "reach through" to a bedside lamp or alarm clock.  You can also add some of these items to the inside of your arbor.  For example one of those clip-on lamps.  They usually have adjustable necks and you could even glue coordinating leaves or flower petals to the outside of the shade. 
I also sell these cute cell phone holders.  Especially nice for all you fellow fairy lovers out there.  This works as  a cell phone or an mp3 holder.  All you would have to do is use those adhesive-backed velcro tabs and attatch to one of the rungs on the arbor.  Then nestle it between some foliage.  I have also used these velcro tabs in this same type of way for a small alarm clock. 

You could also use one or two of those pot hanging hooks and hang a decorative flower pot to hold things like a water bottle, eye glasses, etc.  The pots could be plain and simple like terra cotta.  Or painted, decoupaged, or mosaic to match other elements of your own personl design. 

The ideas are endless.  Another lighting addition could be a string of twinkle lights.  They make so many of these with different design elements these days.  Like butterflies, light-up flowers, even fairy lanterns, etc.  Having a variety of accent lighting is an important and often overlooked element to creating the mood you are looking for when designing a room.  

Don't forget to add a favorite picture or mural on the wall behind the arbor and over the bed.  For safety the arbor can be tied or bolted onto the bed frame from the sides.  Be sure to check your measurements.  A Twin bed is about 3' wide and a lot of these arbors are about 3-1/2' wide.  This gives you the wiggle room with added greenery and a couple inches of ease when making the bed.  

Here is a link to a site that sells a wide variety of arbors in all price rangse.  The black metal one shown at the top of this blog is only around $40.  I am an affiliate, so I appreciate anyone who shops through this link.  It can also be found on my website plus a  whole catagory of "Lantern" to choose from at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going Loca

Today was another one of those days that can make me crazy. Some people just don't make sense. Plus I take care of elderly dimentia clients, and they really don't make sense. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. But when I was driving home from work I heard this new Shakira song for the first time. I love her! This song lifted my mood and released stress right away. Who cares if people saw me dancing in my car while driving...again! So I wanted to share a little Shakira and remind everybody it's ok to go a little "Loca"!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Gypsy Wish List

Here is a collection of some of my favorite online stores...Velvet Peacock Designs, Magical Fashions, and the Pyramid Collection.  I have picked out a few selections from each store, but trust me, my wish list is much longer.  If you are inclined to have a touch gypsy romance to your fashions check out these online stores.  Some things are more costumee, some are for belly dancing.  Even these have fun pieces you could add to an outfit for dazzling up when going out for the the night.  There is something special about making your wardrobe more magical.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Minute Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everyday Gothic to Halloween

Here are a couple of my favorite items from the Gothic page of my store.  I am not Gothic person in general but I am fascinated by it all to some degree.  In an "I love Abby from NCIS" not that I would dress like her kind of a way.  So when I get my hands on some pieces to sell, I really get a kick out of them. 

I would really like to have the opportunity of decorating a bedroom/bathroom in Gothic style for somebody.  The skeleton toilet paper holder is a scream ;-)  But as I am an amateur interior decorator on gypsy funds, I have not yet been able to do so. 

So maybe you or a friend would like some Gothic goodies to add to your decorative collection.  Or perhaps just looking for some seasonal Halloween fun.  I can usually get stuff shipped out to the US and Canada really fast.  Here is the link to my Gothic page The prices range from just $15 to $22 for the items shown here.  The skeleton toilet paper holder is a scream ;-) Have fun checking it out!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'll Take That Room In Purple

Vintage Fashion
"Do you ever dream like I do about buying a whole collection? Have you noticed that "Buy the whole collection" button at the bottom of each one? So here is my first "whole room" collections in my favorite color...purple! I found a bunch of gorgeous AND affordable items that will quickly transform your living room into a beautifully decorated dream room. Fancy, elegant, yet comfortable. Romantic shabby chic goes purple!"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Steampunk Fun

One of my favorite T.V. shows is Castle, Mondays on ABC.  If you haven't seen it the lead actor plays Rick Castle the "ruggedly handsome" mystery writer.  He shadows Detective Beckett who he models his books after.  It's full of humor and crime solving.  This week was an episode that featured Steampunk enthusiasts.  Although I am not an all out Steampunker, I find bits and pieces of it all fun and intriguing.  Especially the jewelry.  I have designed  a few pieces with my own industrial twist to them. 

I love the boldness and structure of the industrial mixed with the feminity of the Victorian era.

You are my anchor, you are my wings, you hold the key to my heart for time and all eternity.

(I want to thank my niece Holly for this artistic photo that she took with her great camera.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Fashion Catagory

I've added a new catagory page to my website...Fashion!  Yeah!  Right now I have about 16 bags and totes listed.  These pictures are a sampling of some of them.  Right now I mostly just have bags to sell, but I have left the catagory open to a variety of fashion finds.  I also have a couple affiliate links on this page for everybody to check out.  Lots of nice clothes to shop for!  Have fun and enjoy shopping!

Friday, October 8, 2010

#13671 Scarlet Sophistication Hobo Bag - FuzzB Shopping Mall

Luscious,lustrous lipstick red creates serious style impact that’s the season’s hottest look! Rhinestone studded skull and crossbones ornament adds a surprise dose of devilishly delightful bad-girl attitude. From the design studios of Buzzsaw Los Angeles.
#13671 Scarlet Sophistication Hobo Bag - FuzzB Shopping Mall

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Snow and Ice

Handmade Gifts

Here is my latest collection that I created on Artfire.  I love the cooling comfort I get from it living down here in the HOT dry desert.  I don't deal well with heat (Thursday was a 102!)  So today when some unseasonably dark clouds blew in I happily began reminiscing about my winters in Alaska and the one January back in 1990 that I was in Norway.  I was traveling with Up With People through Norway going from Oslo to Alesund.  We saw the most amazing colored ice walls on that bus ride.  So Beautiful!

These candleholders and wolf table are a few of the things I sell on my website.  So feel free to check it out at