Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tucson Treasure Map~ Choose Your Own Ending!

Display of Tucson, AZ treasure map

Unfinished map waiting for you to choose your own ending! More graphics and clues are drawn in then the map gets burned to aged perfection!

Close up example of clues added to the map. The main riddle is in the bottom right corner of this map. There is also a street number on an old west sign post plus a clue to unscramble telling the treasure hunter more details where to go.

Picture of Agua Caliente Park from the Northeast side of Tucson. This park is a natural desert oasis and a great suggestion for your treasure map. I lived on the east side of Tucson for 5 years before going out and discovering this beautiful park. If you live in Tucson and haven't been here yet, go check it out!

Trail Dust Town is also on the east side of Tucson. Great replica with old west vibe. There are a couple restaraunts to choose from, shopping, re-enactment show, train ride, and a bunch of locations to hide your treasure!

You can also choose a restaraunt as your ending or addition to your map. This picture is of Ric's Cafe on River Road. I have often arranged for a waitor or waitress to hand off clues or deliver special items applicable to my date. So many restaurants offer atmosphere that add to a memorable occasion.

Finished map I made for my parents 50th Anniversary. They had to solve the riddles on the map to find their treasure. When they got to their destination my sister, neice and son, and myself were the surprise treasure! We live in Utah now and made a surprise trip down for their anniversary. It was an excellent surprise and great success! Plus they have the map as a keepsake of the special day.
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nautical Treasures

Handmade Gifts

Here are some great nautical treasures that make great gifts! Remember small gifts go great with my Christmas Treasure Map and Treasure Hunt! You get to hide your own "treasure" inside your Christmas tree. My map has clues that lead your treasure hunter to your tree where your "treasure" is hidden deep inside. My map is only $8 and shipping is included!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Christmas Treasure Map

Christmas Treasure Map and Treasure Hunt
It's a Christmas Treasure Map! The perfect unique gift for Christmas! This is a gift with the true focus on the meaning of Christmas. Map has an "old world" feel of early Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.

The treasure map is applicable to any home with a Christmas tree and a bible. Give the map to your loved and they have to figure out "where do I go from here"? The only obvious clue is the scripture verse on the bible. The treasure map kit includes a Christmas riddle for you to hide between the pages of the Bible for Luke 2:7 as depicted on the map.

These instructions will tell your treasure hunter to find 4 letters hidden within the map. Unscramble the letters and their treasure will be hidden inside!. The 4 letters hidden in the map are T - R - E - E. Can you find the 4 letters in the map?

Hide your own Christmas treasure inside your Christmas tree! You can make it as simple or elaborate as you would like. When I spent Christmas with a family in Holland one year, they have a tradition of writing a poem or a letter telling your loved why they are so special to you. This would be an inexpensive, meaningful gift. You can also role it up like a scroll and tie a gold ribbon around it. Tuck it into the tree as your treasured gift.

Other small presents that would work great are gift cards. The treasure hunt jazzes up a simple to give gift like a gift card. Perfume or jewelry would also be great ideas. Maybe even a ring!

This map will be sure to be a gift treasured by your family or friend. The map can be framed for future Christmas decorating or tucked into a scrapbook. Merry Christmas!

Approximately 8-1/2" x 11". Shipped flat in an envelope for affordable, safe shipping. But you can roll the map up into a scroll to give as a gift if you like. Maps are hand-dyed and burned so they may vary slightly. I generally burn the same areas on the map so they look similar.
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rock This!

I have always loved rocks!
I was so excited when I found this site with such gorgeous amazing work! I especially love the stone heart in one of the walls pictured above. Sitting in front of a blazing fire is comforting enough, but imagine enjoying one of these grand fireplaces. I could daydream for hours.
The company is the Ancient Art of Stone out of British Columbia, Canada. Perfect. Considering they are in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Which probably helps to explain my love of rocks as well. We lived in Colorado when I was little. Raised in Arizona. Plus I have lived in Alaska and now Utah. The Rocky Mountains span all through those states plus others and Canada, of course. One of my dreams is to have a mostly subterranean home built into a rocky hillside.

These two pics are from the Chiricahua mountains in southeastern Arizona near to where I grew up. I have fun memories of my dad taking me and my sisters hiking here.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

King Chair Guy


I found this really great website on Facebook.
I love the dramatic old-fashioned and unique styling of his pieces. And of course I am dying over the purple domed chaise lounge in the collage. You must go check out the website to view full-size photos. How would you design a room around one (or two) of these fine furnishings? I think they would be great mixed with some steampunk and other colorful "gypsy" accents. Some of you might want to go the gothic route. Or really glam it up with a unique French-style designed room.
Enjoy browsing!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Love New York City!

View of New York skyline from Central Park

Gorgeous trail through Central Park
Do you love New York City and Central Park?
The bottom picture of a trail through Central Park has
12 hearts hidden within the picture. Can you find all 12?
You may need to save the picture to view a larger image.
Feel free to keep as a wallpaper.
This beautiful picture was taken by my niece, Holly.
She has a bit of the gypsy spirit in her like her Aunt.
I am dying to make a trip out to see her now
that she is living in Connecticut.
I have a great idea for a treasure map
of Central Park!
Fortunately Holly is far enough inland that
they did not suffer too badly from the recent hurricane.
Hope all will recover quickly in that region.
I am from Arizona and haven't ever experienced
a natural disaster. We just had to endure
life-sucking heat! Which is why I got out!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fairy Wishes

Here are a few fairy wishes for everyone. My goal is to create a world around me that is filled with wonder, amazement, and creativity. Then I want to be able to travel around sharing that world with others. So many artists inspire me to keep dreaming and to keep trying! I am grateful for all the inspiration from so many creative people out there. Keep dreaming and never stop believing.