Friday, December 31, 2010

Remembering My Favorite New Year Eve

(These pictures aren't my own.  I didn't have a good digital camera at the time.)

I take care of elderly people and a lot of time is spent remembering the past.  Today we were talking some about the time I lived in Alaska.  It was my favorite New Years ever.  It was New Years Eve of 1999.  There was so much anticipation for a whole new millenium. And for me it was my first time ever seeing the Northern Lights!  I was so excited, especially coming from Arizona.  Talk about total opposites!  I also had a wonderful boyfriend at the time.  It was a fun, exciting and magical evening.  My memories often take me back to that quaint little town at the northern end of the Inside Passage of Alaska.  I am so grateful to have had that experience.  I loved it there!

So here is my New Year's wish to everyone, whether you are close to home or somewhere far away and exciting...may you have a safe, happy and FUN 2011!!!

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