Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rock This!

I have always loved rocks!
I was so excited when I found this site with such gorgeous amazing work! I especially love the stone heart in one of the walls pictured above. Sitting in front of a blazing fire is comforting enough, but imagine enjoying one of these grand fireplaces. I could daydream for hours.
The company is the Ancient Art of Stone out of British Columbia, Canada. Perfect. Considering they are in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Which probably helps to explain my love of rocks as well. We lived in Colorado when I was little. Raised in Arizona. Plus I have lived in Alaska and now Utah. The Rocky Mountains span all through those states plus others and Canada, of course. One of my dreams is to have a mostly subterranean home built into a rocky hillside.

These two pics are from the Chiricahua mountains in southeastern Arizona near to where I grew up. I have fun memories of my dad taking me and my sisters hiking here.
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