Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Love New York City!

View of New York skyline from Central Park

Gorgeous trail through Central Park
Do you love New York City and Central Park?
The bottom picture of a trail through Central Park has
12 hearts hidden within the picture. Can you find all 12?
You may need to save the picture to view a larger image.
Feel free to keep as a wallpaper.
This beautiful picture was taken by my niece, Holly.
She has a bit of the gypsy spirit in her like her Aunt.
I am dying to make a trip out to see her now
that she is living in Connecticut.
I have a great idea for a treasure map
of Central Park!
Fortunately Holly is far enough inland that
they did not suffer too badly from the recent hurricane.
Hope all will recover quickly in that region.
I am from Arizona and haven't ever experienced
a natural disaster. We just had to endure
life-sucking heat! Which is why I got out!

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