Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everyday Gothic to Halloween

Here are a couple of my favorite items from the Gothic page of my store.  I am not Gothic person in general but I am fascinated by it all to some degree.  In an "I love Abby from NCIS" not that I would dress like her kind of a way.  So when I get my hands on some pieces to sell, I really get a kick out of them. 

I would really like to have the opportunity of decorating a bedroom/bathroom in Gothic style for somebody.  The skeleton toilet paper holder is a scream ;-)  But as I am an amateur interior decorator on gypsy funds, I have not yet been able to do so. 

So maybe you or a friend would like some Gothic goodies to add to your decorative collection.  Or perhaps just looking for some seasonal Halloween fun.  I can usually get stuff shipped out to the US and Canada really fast.  Here is the link to my Gothic page The prices range from just $15 to $22 for the items shown here.  The skeleton toilet paper holder is a scream ;-) Have fun checking it out!

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